About Pest Management

In the fall of 1982, not quite out of high school, I began my first ‘big boy’ job on a dairy farm. While working on the farm, I acquired my Pennsylvania Pesticide Applicator license in 1986. After working for two different dairy farms, I started dairy farming for myself. I did that for 5 ½ years.

I then had an opportunity to work for a world renowned pest control company. While there, I provided pest and vegetation management services for food service, manufacturing, medical facilities (acute and restorative care), and residential customers. I am proud to say that during my 18.5 years with that company, I helped in training of new coworkers.

I waited with respect until my 2 year covenant not to compete passed. During that time, I developed the plans for Pest Management. The best part of my plan is to serve you with excellent communication and competitive pricing!

The Nickname "Hooper"

Many friends and families in Western PA use a nickname – it provides an endearing touch to the relationship. I have been Hoopy, Hoop, and Hooper. Once in a while I hear Hoover, and even Hooter! Here is the story circa 1969.

My mother and I would visit the neighbors. On visits to Carl & Dorothy Henry’s home, I would pull out his house tools to play with while making quite a mess. Mom would say as we got ready to leave, “You better pick up!” Dorothy would say, “Carl will get it, we don’t have little ones around anymore.” I am sure Carl got tired of this routine!

During one visit, as you have all seen children run ahead of their parents to show they can or maybe even to compete with them, I dashed ahead of mom maybe 100 feet or so…Carl saw this event unfold he raised his voice and exclaimed to Dorothy “Hoop-T-Do Here He Comes!” When my dad heard this he started to call me Hoop. Mom didn’t approve, but it stuck!