Pest Management offers extensive residential pest control solutions to those living throughout Western Pennsylvania.  Locally owned, we specialize in a range of services to take care of the pesky invaders in your home.  If you spot something off or have discovered an infestation of any type of pest, don't wait!   Give us a call!

Bed Bugs

Our technicians have experience with bed bug detection and removal, as well as follow up treatments to make sure they don't return.  Bed bugs often congregate under mattresses, box springs, baseboards, bedding, closets, and other areas of resting.  You may also notice little red, itchy bites on your skin and an unusual musty scent throughout the rooms of your home.

It is tough to get rid of bed bugs by yourself.   The professionals at Pest Management will come out to thoroughly inspect your home and provide a detailed treatment plan that includes the corrective service as well as the floor up services.  We use environmentally friendly materials that will be applied into every area that may be effected.  This method will eliminate bed bugs at any age, from eggs to adults.


If left untreated, termites can do significant damage to your home.  They destroy wood structures and eventually cause unsafe conditions that will come with very high repair bills.  Pest Management offers termite elimination treatments as well as baiting to provide continuous protection to make sure they do not return to your home.

You can tell if termites are invading your home by the following characteristics:

  • Structural weakness and abnormalities to home or garage
  • Mud tubes on either interior or exterior structures
  • A cluster of wings that are the same size, most likely near a window in the area of activity
  • Holes in wood planks, floors, walls with mud sealing exit holes
  • Wood may also appear uneven or hollowed out

Termites more commonly live underground or in the walls, which means it is unlikely you actually see them.  The moment you run into something strange, contact us to request an inspection immediately!

Rodents and More

Pest Management offers additional pest control treatments for rats and mice.  We also treat for spiders, fruit flies, ants, stinging insects, cockroaches, fleas, powder post beetles and other unwanted guests of your home!  Our pest management methods are safe, effective, and completed entirely on your schedule.

We will make sure you are receiving the proper pest removal services to ensure a more comfortable environment for your family and you.

If you are having trouble with pests of any sort, or need an inspection for real-estate transfer give us a call!
Pest Management is here to help!